We have a team of dedicated staff who can help with a range of comprehensive business administration and support packages at flexible rates

Our experience working with new and starter businesses has enabled us to hear first-hand what small business needs are and this is reflected in the range of support services we provide.

We know that every business is individual and therefore the needs from business to business can change, we also know that businesses want to get on with what they know best without having to be tied down with administrational tasks that take them away from their core business activity.

Whatever your support needs we have a range of comprehensive administrational and support packages at flexible rates including;

  • Fax, photocopying and scanning services
  • Document binding, laminating and printing
  • Secretarial and administrative supportive including word processing, mailshot and IT services
  • Bespoke telephone and broadband service
  • Reception and call answering service
  • Incoming and Outgoing Mail Service through Royal Mail franked service
  • Tailored and Accounts and Payroll management

You also get free access to a range of tailored support to enable your business to grow consiting of…

  • IT Support
  • Digital Media  support
  • Business coaching and mentoring
  • Business Advice and Guidance